Welcome to Our School

Botha School is a K-6 school located in the community of Botha AB, about 15 km east of Stettler AB. At Botha School we pride ourselves on being a small school with a lot to offer. With class sizes of 20, or less, our students have the opportunity to engage in rich, 21st-century learning opportunities. Our students enjoy the use of a rich variety of technologies, as well as a well-equipped maker space. We are thankful to have the support of our community and our dedicated parents.

Botha Spotlights

Afterschool Programming will start right away!

Afterschool programming will begin on August 29th ( first day).  If you plan to rely on bussing to transport your child home after afterschool programming, please contact the school (403-743-5187) first thing on Monday AM so we can be sure that bussing is available.

CUM File Requests

Please be aware that Botha School does maintain a fax line.  For CUM file requests, please email mflieger@clearview.ab.ca or gmcmillan@clearview.ab.ca

Registration for new students will resume on August 22nd

Botha School will reopen for registration on August 22nd. If there are any new students who have not yet registered, please stop by and see Gayle.  

Botha School has a new logo for the 16-17 school year

  Botha School has retired our Bunny Logo. As we move forward in the 2016-17, Botha Schools mascot will now be the Bull. Look for our new logo on our new athletic uniforms, to be unveiled soon.