Welcome to Our School

Botha School is a K-6 school located in the community of Botha AB, about 15 km east of Stettler AB. At Botha School we pride ourselves on being a small school with a lot to offer. With class sizes of 20, or less, our students have the opportunity to engage in rich, 21st-century learning opportunities. Our students enjoy the use of a rich variety of technologies, as well as a well-equipped maker space. We are thankful to have the support of our community and our dedicated parents.

Botha Spotlights

Botha Students in the News

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Botha students have increased chance to be active

Botha Students now have increased chances to be active, even in the halls. Botha School has introduced movement sticks to parts of the building. These stickers will indicate how students can move through this part of the building, whether it be by hopping, spinning and stepping. 

What's Happening at Botha School- Jan 16-20, 2017

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What Botha Students have been up to (photos) - Updated January 10, 2017

Students at Botha School are always very busy. We will continue to update these pictures to give you a glimpse of what Botha Students are learning about anad creating.