Botha School Update- October 11, 2016

Dear parents,


    We have now been through a very busy first month plus of school and I just wanted to keep you updated on the goings on, and what is coming up at Botha School.  I do apologize for the length of the update, but there is a lot going on that I’d like to catch everyone up on!

    First of all, a big thanks to all of those that supported the Terry Fox Run.  As you may already know, Botha Student's raised $2413.00 for the fight against Cancer. The Terry Fox Run is a very important event, in my mind, as it teaches students about the perseverance and self-sacrifice of Terry Fox. I can think of no better example to illustrate the qualities to children. I count myself as very lucky to work with kids that have such a great work ethic and in a community that continually shows such generosity.

    Just recently, we took a group of 15 Grade 4-6 students to Theresetta School in Castor for the CARA Cross Country run. I was very proud of all students who participated. Botha did have some strong showings, with Tyson Wedlund and Denim Ross finishing in the top 10 for the Grade 6 boys, and Hannah Winter finishing in the top 10 for the Grade 6 girls. While it was not timed, we also had some very strong showings from some of the Grade 4 students in the “Fun Run.”  It was great to see the students challenge themselves and I appreciate their hard work and their great behaviour at the event.

    Botha School, as are other Clearview Schools, has been working with Hour- Zero Crisis Management in order to do a review of school procedures to ensure that our practices are appropriate if there were to ever be an emergency. I am very happy to report, that after the initial consultation, Botha School was found to have many of the proper practices in place and no concerns were noted.

    Looking forward, there is lots to update you on, as well.  First of all, you should be receiving “early reports” in the next few days. These reports are just meant to be an update on how your child is doing in terms of work habits so far this year. If anything on these reports comes as a surprise to you, please do contact the school and or/your child’s teacher.

    On Friday of this week (the 14th), some our Grade 4-6 students will be traveling to Brownfield to take on the Brownfield Panthers in volleyball. There has been a change in times ( I hope our update on this reached those who are affected) and there will no longer be a need to pick students up after dismissal as we should return in time for regular bussing to transport our volleyball players home.  Any parents that would like to make the trip to Brownfield are welcome to travel with us on the bus- please contact Mrs. McMillan if you would like to be a part of this.

    You may have heard of new report cards that are to come. Clearview School Division has standardized report cards across much of the division, this will mean that our report cards will have a different look, but overall, not really that different from report cards that have been issued in recent years. The first reports cards are due to be sent out on November 18th.

    Clearview School Division and Botha School are in the midst of implementing a new reading assessment tool, STAR Reading.  It should be available to us soon. I  feel strongly that this will be a valuable tool for assessing student reading and guiding how we can better work with students to ensure their success in reading.

    Finally, just a reminder about our website. We are doing our best to update our website to make sure that it contains valuable information for parents.  As of this morning, we will have posted links to “Curriculum At a Glance” for each of the Grades, K-6. These are documents from  the Department of Education, which outline what your child should be learning in each grade.  Please do review these documents if you get a chance - they are quite user friendly.  As principal, I want parents to be sure that your child’s learning is appropriate and that we are always in line with provincial curriculum.  If there are every any questions or concerns, about anything,  please do not hesitate to contact me at 403-742-5187 or


Have a great October, and stay warm!


Mike Flieger