December's Maker Challenge announced!

December's Maker Challenge is here! 


Dear parents,

The December Maker Challenge will be a milk carton boat.

The rules are as follows:

  1. The boat must be made out of a standard 2L milk carton

  2. You can cut the milk carton as much as you want

  3. You may discard pieces of the milk carton, or you may choose to use the cut outs to help out with buoyancy. You may only use ONE milk carton however.

  4. In terms of adhesives, you may use any type of tape or glue.

  5. You may use only the milk carton and adhesive. No other other materials are permitted.

  6. There are no prizes for this challenge.

  7. The winner of this challenge will be decided by which boat can carry the most pennies while still remaining afloat.

  8. The challenge will take place on Friday, December 22nd, 2017


Just a reminder that these challenges are completely optional, but meant for student who have an interest to explore their creativity. We encourage parent participation in these challenges as well.


Best of Luck!