Principal's message and updates for January 2018


Dear parents,


All of us at Botha School would like to wish you a Happy New Year.  We hope that your break was safe and enjoyable and that you feel revived for 2018.

Thank you all for coming out and supporting us at our annual Christmas Concert Thanks to Ms. Burton and the Botha School Society for working so hard to prepare the bake sale and the raffle baskets.  Aside from some minor technical difficulties, the concert went very well. As always,I was very impressed with the effort put forth by the Botha students.  


We are very happy to have Mrs. Melnyk returning to our school in this new year.  Mrs. Melnyk will assume teaching duties for Grades 5/6 on Tuesday and Thursdays as well as Friday mornings. Mrs. Melnyk will be teaching Grade 5/6 English Language Arts, Social Studies as well as Art and Music.  This will in turn free me up to work with some of our younger students, helping them to get caught up in Math and ELA. I truly believe that this change in approach will allow us to help more students to be successful. With this said, please feel free to contact me regarding any questions that you may have about what this new approach will look like. 

While we do not have firm dates, due to the weather before the break, January will also see us seek to schedule some dates for the kids to go skating at the Botha Arena. In addition, we are hoping to schedule our annual ski days at Alliance. We appreciate that a lot of Botha parents like to be involved in these events, and we hope to be able to let you know the scheduled dates of these events as soon as we can. Please watch for future updates being sent home with students. 

Also, this month, we will be hosting Family Literacy day on January 26th. This is a yearly event and we will be sure to update you on plans surrounding that day. You may want to save that date. 

Hockey Day in Botha will continue this year as well. Traditionally, it has happened on the day before Hockey Day in Canada, which is being held this year on January 20th in Corner Brook, NL.  Traditionally, the date had always been in mid February. Botha School will continue to schedule our Hockey Day in mid February and we will update you on this date as well.




In addition to the activities above, Botha School is also very pleased to have a Student Wellness Committee. Students make up this committee and, with the support of Mrs. Maxwell, they are organizing structured activities for students to take part in during recesses. Currently, students can participate in the Art program Monday during the afternoon recess, as well as floor hockey in the gym during first recess on Tuesday. Wednesday will see students participating in handball during first recess.


Toward the end of this month, parents of students in Grades 4-6 should be receiving some mail from the Department of Education; these will be the Annual Accountability Pillars Survey.  If we could ask that you take some time to fill these out for us and return them to the government, it would be greatly appreciated.  The results of these surveys serve as a one of our main sources of feedback from parents as to what we are doing well at Botha School, and also what we can improve upon. Also, should you have questions regarding a question that is asked on the survey, or require any further information to complete the survey, do not hesitate to contact us.

The School Council meeting is scheduled for January 23rd, 2018 at 7:00pm in the Botha School library.  All parents are welcome to come out and be a part of this meeting. This month, we will discuss our Annual Education Plan, as well as Hockey Day in Botha and other issues that are important. John Schofer, our Trustee is usually in attendance at this meetings, and this is also a great place for you to ask questions about the overall governance of Clearview as well.


As you may know,  the Botha School Society has recently been established.  This new society will be seeking to fundraise in support of Botha School. They are off to a terrific start, selling cookbooks, and have already raised $1786.00 from bake sale, live auction, raffle table and donations at the Christmas concert.  The Society is currently organizing a fundraising evening with Jimmy the Janitor on March 16th. If you would like to be a part of this society and these efforts, the Society meeting will take place just after the School Council meeting.

Finally, with lots of dates “up in the air” I’d like to remind parents to access our website at We are doing our best to make sure that it is an up to date resource for parents.  You can find copies of updates that have gone home as well as, each month we post a picture gallery about our month in review. 


All the best in 2018!


Mike Flieger for the staff of Botha School