Minutes from the November 27, 2017 School Council meeting

Botha School Council Minutes

November 7, 2017

Botha School


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 7:03pm -in attendance – Megan M, Amanda E, Ben A, Tamara R, Melissa B, Roxanne W, John S, Crystal O, Donna M, Mike F

  2. Minutes from Last Meeting: attached in Botha School Council Minutes Binder

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Draining old school fund account for hot lunch receipts. All further hot lunch, donations, fundraising to be done through Society account. Balance as of Nov 2/17 was $1584.51. Funds for DFS Fundraiser were also deposited $6842.00

  4. Correspondence: Disaster Plaster Emergency Kit – (bandaid boxes) – will discuss in spring.

  5. Old Business:

  • DFS Cookie Dough – orders have been submitted, currently waiting on invoice and confirmation of shipping– anticipating arrival near November 25 – Tamara will update when she receives info- total sales were up from last year. No confirmed amounts as of yet – Last year was $6119 – this year projecting $6842

  • Parent Society – submitted and pending approval

  • Terry Fox Run/Day – School raised $3348

  1. New Business:

  • Christmas Concert: this year will be a play. December 20 7pm with a matinee, purchase of teacher gifts (reminder for Megan),

    • Santa: sing here comes Santa Claus to build up Santa’s entrance

    • Treat Bags: Marsha M and Christine E will look after

    • Bake Table/ Raffle Baskets: keep multiple price points, do a raffle/auction for larger baking baskets. Christine W will approach the Botha Community Centre to cover the license for us. Raffle tickets $2/ticket, each family to bring 1-2 items of baking. Have 3-4 helpers for bake table, 2 to sell raffle tickets, find auctioneer for live auction. Will also need to get a float, Donna M will acquire some childrens items for the basket by donation. Baking for baskets – Megan, Melissa, Tamara, Roxanne, Amanda, Christine W

      • Will also collect food bank donations, sell cookbooks, and Jimmy the Janitor fundraising tickets

  • COSC Meeting: Sept 27 – Minister of Education wants to interact with parent councils, Botha school has requested a meeting. Division is looking to schedule another Jody Carrington session. Presentation was Mindset

  • Cook Book Fundraiser: ordered 200 cookbooks. Will sell for $20, cost was $4. Anticipate arrival prior to Christmas, will pre-sell through school, and possibly at Christmas concert.

  • Yearbook: Melissa will spearhead a yearbook for Botha School at a cots of $20/book and can be ordered online, easy lay-out with content to be gathered through school year.

  1. School Pictures with Lifetouch: many parents unhappy with pictures, retakes were not consistent with the content or quality stated by life touch representative, council will look to contract and possible find a different school picture option.

  2. Principal’s Report: attached in Meetings Binder. Highlights include: Great success at cross country, and volleyball matches. Great participation in the Global Cardboard Challenge, STEM projects have resumed, Report Cards released Nov.17 and p/t interviews on Nov. 23. Jerseys purchased and funded by School council, reviewed accountability pillars for 16/17 school year. Participation in Operation Shoebox

  3. Board Member Report: John was in attendance to report that he was successful in returning to School Board, division was reporting that they used a lower than expected amount of funds in reserve.

Adjournment and Next Meeting Date 9:06pm, next meeting set for January 16th 7pm