April's Maker Challenge is here!

              Maker Challenge-  April 2018


April’s Maker Challenge is…Rockets/Stomp Rockets




  1. Rockets can be made from anything, but must be at least 8 inches long

  2. Each rocket must have it’s own method for launching/launch system


  1. While most “stomp rockets” use a 2L pop bottle, your rockets can use any launch system that you choose, so long as it does not require ignition by a flame.


  1. You may want to consider a parachute for your rocket, but this is not mandatory


  1. The goal is to create the rocket that flies the highest!


  1. As much as possible, try and use recycled or unwanted objects to create your rockets and launch system.


  1. Testing will be done outside, so feel free to go as “big” as you’d like.


As always, the “competition” is optional.  


Rocket/ Stomp rocket plans and resources will be uploaded onto our website, botha.clearview.ab.ca


We look forward to blasting off on April 26th, 2018

Have fun!