Grade 1/2 Supply Lists 2022-2023

Posted on 06/17/2022

Botha School

Grade One and Two


Plastic Duotangs:**we use the same duotangs all year for each subject and paper ones just do not stand up for year long use.

1 green

1 blue

1 red

1 yellow

1 black

1 purple

1 ½ blank ½ interlined (Hilory-Green cover)

1 Interlined notebook (Hilroy-dark blue cover)

1 box large ziplock bags

1 Watercolour paint set

5 EXPO Thick Whiteboard Markers (Black Prefered)

4 Large UHU Glue Sticks

1 Pkg of 12 HB Pencils (Staedtler Prefered) *please no mechanical pencils

4 white erasers

1 Yellow Fine Highlighters

1 Pkg Pencil Crayons (Staedtler Prefered)

1 Pkg wax crayons (pkg of 24)

4  Kleenex ( Large Box)

1 Child sized scissors

1 Plastic Pencil Box (no cloth pencil cases)

1 Pkg of 8-12markers (not fine tipped)

1 soft pencil case for markers


-Lunch Kit

-Headphones/earbuds labeled clearly

-One Set of spare clothing (to be left in your child’s locker)

-Inside shoes (Velcro Please...Unless They Can Tie Their Own Shoes)

-Plastic Water Bottle ***Please***Make Sure It Has a Spill Proof Lid.  

*Please place the following items in your child’s pencil box for the first day:


1 glue stick Wax crayons with box removed 1 highlighter

1 whiteboard marker 1 pencil 1 eraser

*Place all other supplies in a large ziplock bag with your child’s name on it.