Welcome to Candace Hodder

Welcome to Candace Hodder
Posted on 05/18/2022

Clearview is glad to welcome Candace Hodder as the new Principal of Botha School. Hodder will take the role when current Principal, Pat Martin, retires at the end of the 2021-22 school year.


 “We are happy to have Candace Hodder joining the Clearview team next year,” says Brenda MacDonald, Clearview Superintendent. “We appreciate her experience as an administrator and her background working with students to support their unique learning needs. Also with her background working in an elementary school, makes Candace a good fit for Botha School. We admire that Candace brings confidence, compassion and excitement about learning to her work, and we know those qualities will serve her well in Clearview. Welcome to Candace.”


 Hodder comes to Clearview from Battle River School Division, where she is currently serving as Assistant-Principal of Bashaw School. Hodder has been an educator for 11 years. In addition to her leadership experience over the past four years, Hodder has also worked in literacy intervention. Also, she has been a learning facilitator working with students and their families to ensure specific learning needs are addressed. Hodder is working on the completion of her Masters Degree which has been focused on mental health and wellness for students and staff. 

“I am excited to come to Clearview and especially to a small school,” says Hodder. “There are opportunities that are possible in a small school that can be magical. I am interested in exploring them. Also, in a small school there are more chances for authentic connection that can build into a strong family oriented culture. I am looking forward to this new role.” 


 “I love education and working with students,” says Hodder. “My biggest passion is people. Being a part of their journey and helping them on their way is an honour.  I am eager to find ways to connect with families, students and staff in Botha and with my new colleagues in Clearview.”